Components of Successful Cellulite Workouts for Women
Components of Successful Cellulite Workouts for Women

Components of Successful Cellulite Workouts for Women

Components of Successful Cellulite Workouts for Women
If you want to reduce cellulite, your workout will need to include an emphasis on toning and building muscle. A lot of women are afraid to lift weights or take classes that focus on building muscle because they are afraid they’ll bulk up and look masculine. Put away those fears; women who build muscle usually look toned and smooth, not bulky and masculine women solid gym leggings .

You need to build muscle because skin and fat lay more smoothly on top of muscle tissue than on pockets of fatty tissue. The muscle will help smooth the cellulite from the inside out, improving the appearance of that subcutaneous layer of fat we all have. This means you will want to eat plenty of protein (for repairing and building muscle) and hit the weight room (or at least a toning class like Pilates) three times a week.

Because you are a woman, you will need to make sure your weight lifting or toning routine involves the following:
• Exercises that challenge your inner and outer thighs
• Core muscle building
• Squats and leg lifts
• Upper body exercises such as lat pull downs, rowing, bicep curls and tricep curls

Ask a personal trainer at the gym for instruction on how to use the equipment and set up a record card so you can keep track of your weights and reps. Most gyms offer orientation sessions at no cost.

If you hate the weight room, join a toning class or pick up a toning DVD. Swimming can be great exercise for your upper body in particular, and running will help tone your legs and buttocks. However, nothing really takes the place of solid weight lifting for building muscle and reducing cellulite.

You will also need to keep cardio in the mix, especially if you need to lose pockets of fat in addition to smoothing out your cellulite. For example, you aren’t going to notice too much of a difference in your abdomen if you are carrying a lot of visceral fat there but have been doing a hundred crunches a day. Why? Those beautiful, strong abdominal muscles are hidden under all that soft, mushy fat. You need to perform cardio to lose the fat so those muscles will show.

Finding the Best Cellulite Workouts for Women
Many women find an all-women class or gym to provide great support and inspiration for targeted exercises that will help you reduce cellulite. Look for a gym or class near you to get inspired and challenged by an excellent cellulite workout!

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